I discovered I was Psychic almost by accident.

In 2012, I attended a meditation class and it changed the course my life.

I had no clue how to meditate, yet I learnt to do it and fit it into the life of a busy Mum. I also discovered amazing tools to trust my Intuition and my ability to read for other people, including getting certified (you gotta have a certificate right!!)

Within 18 months of attending that class I was featuring on Psychic TV, a national TV show, giving live readings to the audience.

However my kids have been my biggest teachers.

Once I realised how much my kids were reacting to my feelings, not my words, things changed big time at home.

Humour has been a big part of my journey. When I was ‘asking for a sign’ to help me make a big decision this car with the reg plate ANGELS pulled out in front of me!!

Angel Reg Plate Sign

Erin, age 5, used to mirror my innermost feelings.

When I was frustrated about stuff, often stuff that happened outside the home, she could sense it and she would act out. I first noticed her doing this when she was 3. When I was happy she was joy personified. It was an amazing insight. I began to practice mindfulness and clearing my emotions before I bought them home and I did alot of work on clearing my triggers. I also started to learn the value of my own self-care, which up to that point was pretty non-existent on my list.

Kate, age 7, is an Empath.

She is super shy, but only outside of the home, often struggling to speak to other adults or kids. She was very quiet in daycare and school and really struggled with being dropped off. She puts stones in her pockets all the time and was forever taking my crystals! She was starting to show signs of suffering from anxiety. Once we figured this out she was in fact an Empath, absorbing other peoples feelings and emotions, I was able to give her the tools to protect herself.

Angel Reg Plate Sign

My kids are typical of so many children for the 250+ Mums I have supported in my private sessions & workshops.

Barbara is an authentic Intuitive real deal Psychic, who also provides practical action steps to take.

Her guidance around purpose and passion led me to go home and complete a book proposal I had been putting off for months and from this I won a publishing prize with Hay House Australia.

She provides clarity and specifics in a reading and I feel blessed to have her now as a friend and on my support crew.

I have since referred clients to her and every time they are blown away by accuracy and insights. Thanks Barbara for being you and sharing your gifts with the world."

Kyla Tustin

Soul Coach

Now I focus on exclusively supporting Mums

Often Mums of super sensitive kids like mine who are keen to...

❤️ Release the feelings of fear and overwhelm that often come with being a Mum

❤️ Build feelings of confidence for their intuitive and sensitive kids

❤️ Trust in every choice they make as a Mum, knowing they are doing what is best for their child without a doubt

❤️ Have the inside track on why situations are occurring for them and their family

❤️ Have the courage to trust their own judgement and quit seeking input and advice from loads of people

If this is you let's connect for a Free Family Dynamics Session or book in for a Private Session.

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