Barbara Brangan

 Supporting Mums to have less overwhelm and

more ease in their parenting through trusting their

Intuition and raising their consciousness.

Hi. I am Barbara, a Mum of 2 Young Girls & Intuitive Coach for Conscious Mums.

For too long I kept the gift of my Intuition totally separate from that of being a Mum.

Once I integrated my intuition and started to use it as a parenting tool, my life and my home transformed.

As my kids (age 5 & 7) recently said ‘Mum, You don’t shout anymore!’

Laughter has replaced where raised voices once were.

The secret has been learning to trust my own judgement and realising that my kids are not ‘mini-me’s’ and are instead my greatest teachers.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, whether using your intuition is new to you or whether you are already ‘high vibing’ and use your intuition daily I can you on the next step of your journey of transforming your family.

Check out my events Joyful Mums and in my private sessions, including the ‘Intuitive Session for your Child’


Super Sensitive & Highly Intuitive Kids

You see kids speak the language of feelings, they can see, sense and know how we truly feel on the inside.

Especially kids born in the last decade, they are super intuitive and very empathetic – or as some would say sensitive.

Both of my kids fit in this category for 2 different reasons. Perhaps your do too?

If your child is:

  • Struggling to participate at school or daycare
  • Gets overwhelmed going to places with lots of people
  • Has meltdowns at school or daycare drop off
  • Has loads of vivid dreams
  • Talks about dead people as if they are real
  • Obsessed with crystals, feathers and rocks

I can help you get clear and accurate guidance to support them.

“I am a logical person and I used to ignore my gut in favour of facts, figures and anything tangible. Thanks to Barbara’s guidance and the tools she taught me I now listen to and trust my Intuition more.

As a result I have made significant changes in my life. In 2016 I made the leap from Corporate to being self-employed (and I’m loving it!) and this allows me loads more family time and flexibility.

My young daughter often has to see many Specialists & Doctors for her care, and the information overload, whilst well-intended, can be overwhelming to parents. I am now confident in trusting my Intuition and my own judgement when we are choosing care and options for her. It feels great.”


Mum of 2 Kids - 1 Teen & 1 Toddler

There is no denying Barbara’s wonderful gift, but it’s how she interprets her gift as well as her down to Earth, very relaxed and approachable manner that makes her one of a kind.

Her passion for helping others fulfil their purpose is obvious. Not only have I witnessed this directly in her workshops as well as a private reading, she has truly supported me to nurture and embrace my own intuitive and energetic strengths. I now have my own part-time business, Chakra Bath Salts,  and I trusted my own judgement to get me here.

Kelly G

Mum of 2 Young Kids

It’s not too late to start…

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The thing is I am no different to you. You too possess this Superpower and it’s easy to access in a fun way. Check out my FREE Ignite Your Intuition Course (Just for Mums!)

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