Often kids who are highly intuitive, get labelled as 'overly sensitive'

Instead it is about recognising their abilities as innate superpowers, something to celebrate when used the right way.

When they go unsupported your child may be frequently exhausted, throwing more tantrums than normal, refusing to go to school or daycare, or participate in class and being generally anxious.

No mother wants this for her child.

Are you ready to empower your Intuitive child to thrive?

I can share tools and strategies (that work) to build your child’s innate self-worth and resilience, to enable to them to thrive by using their intuitive abilities.

Did you know your child has intuitive abilities?

Yep! All kids do, especially those born in the last decade, are sensitive to energies and emotions and have intuitive abilities.

And this is a good thing

Thank you Barbara for your amazing workshop and the tools you shared. Your empathetic nature put me at ease from the start. I attended feeling stressed and like life was just speeding by.

I felt like I had lost control of my children at home. Your workshop left me feeling relaxed and with the tools I needed to carry this on in my everyday life, which I have done. Even my husband has commented on how calm I am now! A happy and healthier home-life has resulted and I am so much more able to connect with and support my children.

The whole family is more relaxed and happier!”

Fiona Gibbons

Mum of 2

“I am a logical person and I used to ignore my gut in favour of facts, figures and anything tangible. Thanks to Barbara’s guidance and the tools she taught me I now listen to and trust my Intuition more.

I struggled to believe Barbara when she shared with me that despite expert medical diagnosis my baby daughter would pull through and survive her life threatening condition. Not one of the Doctors could see her surviving with any quality of life. Yet Barbara trusted what she intuitively saw and shared these insights lovingly. Fast forward to today, my daughter is alive and well, and recently turned 4. She has minor disabilities, but nothing in comparison to what her diagnosis was.

Barbara also shared she could see me speaking to large audiences and advocating for other parents in similar situations in the future. I laughed at this, because at the time I avoided public speaking at all costs. But she was spot on, I am now an advocate in the disability sector and have spoken to large audiences, of parents and medical professionals, about this.

I trust Barbara’s intuitive guidance wholeheartedly”

Hiam Sakakini

Mum of 2 Kids - 1 Teen & 1 Toddler