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How to win more grant funding

Knowing how to win grants for impact-driven organizations is one of my special talents. I translate and write your vision in a way that persuades others to invest in your programs and impact. I also take all the boredom out of grants and instead infuse it with fun and possibility. 

This year alone my clients have won over AU$4m in grant funding. If you are a charity, social enterprise or impact driven business keen to grow your grant revenue, I would love to help...let's book a time to chat


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Private Mentoring For Impact


Courage requires knows who you are and bravely taking action from this space. It's powerful micro steps towards our purpose. It's a path I have traveled well. I am skilled at helping you alleviate unseen tensions with compassion and revealing your unique strengths. All sessions are bespoke to your needs and your life stage. 


Who am I? How can I be more productive or more successful? Why do I behave this way? Should I niche? What's my Soul Purpose? How can I communicate so that I am heard? What is my biggest life lesson? What skills do I have to offer?

The answer to all of these questions and more lie within your Cosmic Human Design. A unique psycho-energetic tool which reveals your true authentic nature.




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