I am passionate about a world where sensitive kids thrive

We are each unique and have many gifts. So often our kids behaviour is misunderstood and when you ‘zoom out’ and look at a child from a Soul level and then at the emotional/physical level you can view the full picture and help them to thrive.

I want to help shape a world where sensitive is celebrated and our kids are raised full of self-trust, courage and resilience.

When they are younger they rely on their parents, quite often their Mum, to guide them so my services are geared to Empower Mum to have the information and techniques to support their child

Intuitive Session to support your child

I help you get instead your child’s head, and heart, to get quick and accurate answers for what is showing up in their life.

Whether it’s changes in their behaviour at home, or in school/daycare, or challenges they are facing with friendships. I use my intuitive abilities to discover the underlying emotions and help to resolve them so your child can return to being happy and flourishing.

We connect online, via Zoom, in a Mum-to-Mum session. I connect into both your energy and your child’s to go deep on a Soul and emotional level to support them and together we remove any blocks that show up. The sessions can all be recorded.

Today was my second time having a session with Barbara via Zoom. Her caring nature and amazing intuitive powers have left me feeling empowered and understood as a mother. Her service is so valuable to any of you Mumma’s out there with highly sensitive children. I consider it a real privilege to have met Barbara and look forward to our monthly calls to unravel my story that is motherhood.


Mum of 2

Intuitive Session for Spiritually Curious Women

Whether you are a novice and new to this Intuitive or Spiritual World, or if you’ve been living the high vibe life for a number of years, this session is for you.

I work with strong women, who are seeking to go deep at Soul level, to uncover their limiting beliefs to enable you to thrive.

This is for you if you’ve felt that pull in your heart, like there is something trying to get your attention, something more you are here to do.

I use my intuitive abilities to get inside your heart and receive clear & accurate guidance to help you navigate your path to clarity and happiness with ease.

“I met Barbara at a festival a few years back and knew right off the back she was an authentic intuitive real deal psychic, who also provides practical action steps to take.

Her guidance around purpose and passion led me to go home and complete a book proposal I had been putting off for months and from this I won a publishing prize with Hay House Australia.

She provides clarity and specifics in a reading and I feel blessed to have her now as a friend and on my support crew. I have since referred clients to her and every time they are blown away by accuracy and insights. Thanks Barbara for being you and sharing your gifts with the world.”

Kyla Tustin


Empowering Young Girls to Trust & Back Themselves

Small & fun experience for Spring School Holidays to empower girls ages 12 & 13 to trust themselves and overcome social and friendship anxietyhttp://www.barbarabrangan.com/circleoffriends

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