High Vibe Mama Academy

Transformational 8 Week Journey

Find a way to ditch feelings of overwhelm, crankiness and feeling depleted for more high vibe ones of joy, laughter, patience and connection. 

Discover how whatever it is you feel on the inside the Universe gives you more of. So if you’re not living a life that excites you, or one where you laugh a lot and feel proud of who you are, let’s change it. 

Raising your vibration is also a powerful and fun way to inspire your children to have more confidence and self-trust too,  so it’s win-win.

Discover amazing gems which the latest in neuroscience and positive psychology can offer your life to make it easier and happier. The program is delivered online across 8 x Weekly Sessions and we start on April 7th.

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This has been one of the best investments I have made, in fact it’s one of the best parenting investments I’ve made (and I’ve done a few!)

The way Barbara blends intuition with fact showed me how to go deeper into why things were the way they were and more importantly how to change them for both myself and for my 2 kids into something much more positive and long lasting.

Thank you so much


Mum of 2

What you’ll discover

for yourself

How to:

✔️ Quit feeling depleted and drained and save energy by transforming arguments and bickering to laughter – both with your kids & partner

✔️ Navigate the way of out the chaos in your head and instead trust your life decisions, both big and small, without guilt and doubt clouding your judgement

✔️ Say goodbye to loneliness and isolation and find meaningful friendships and communities you can be an integral part of

✔️ Quit feeling like you are a slave to your to-do list and instead feel like life is fun

✔️ Feel proud of your parenting choices and know you are doing your best for your kids and fall asleep at night knowing your are an awesome Mum

The best bit is that when you raise your vibration it ripples out beautifully to your family and will support your kids to:

👍 See what a great relationship with self looks like in action, as you model it authentically

👍 Reduce their attention seeking tantrums & tears

👍 Improve their confidence and emotional resilience

👍 Laugh loads more as you do fun high vibing things together

So what is High Vibe Mama Academy?

This is a small group program, delivered over 8 weeks, with alternating Masterclasses and Sacred Circles.

The Masterclasses are brimming with the latest wisdom blending neuroscience, intuition and positive psychology. The Circles are a powerful, as magic happens when we get to explore our beliefs and emotions in a safe and non-judgmental space. Combined these support powerful and lasting positive life changes.

Topics include:

✔️ Masterclass – Becoming You – The Neuroscience to how your brain created your personality (personal reality) that exists now and how to transform it – (Week 1)

Sacred Circe – Inner Child – exploring this beautiful part of us to release old stories and invite in joy and play – (Week 2)

✔️Masterclass – Release Energetic Blocks – Discover powerful tools you can use everyday (for you and the kids) to release blocked emotions and energy through Tapping and how to raise your vibration – (Week 3)

Sacred Circle – Inner Teen – Reconnect with your feisty teen and channel that energy for good – (Week 4)

✔️Masterclass – Self-Acceptance – Everyday tools to lift our moods and invite in forgiveness and compassion (all take less than 10 mins) – (Week 5)

Sacred Circle – Inner Mama – Journey for oodles of nurturing and cuddles to fill your cup – (Week 6)

✔️Masterclass – Magnetic Mama – How to powerfully create the life you want through your vibration, feelings and actions – (Week 7)

Sacred Circle – Wise Woman – Celebration of all of you, meeting your Spirit Guide(s) for you next life stage – (Week 8)

Investment is $392 – or $49 a week for 8 weeks

You are truly amazing and have made such a positive impact on mine and my families life. I feel such a sense of calm and deeper connection. It helps that there is a lot less yelling too!


Mum of 2

Early Bird Bonus

The first 4 women to register will receive a bonus 30 minute private intuitive mentoring session, valued at $75

What I received is hard to quantify. First, I found Barbara fun and easy to talk to, friendly as if I’d known her all my life. She wasn’t afraid to tell me things that might have been hard for me to hear and she held me in whatever response I had to our conversation.

The information Barbara brought through in our sessions has supported us as a family, and me in my business every day since our sessions. We have all grown in understanding of each other, creating more harmony and happiness in our home. I have come to understand more about who we are in our spirituality and how our presence together in this family supports the growth of us all.

Barbara’s support of me as a woman, a Mother and an entrepreneur was a huge gift to me. Her belief in me encouraged my own belief in myself. Our work with her meant so much that even as I write this my eyes are welling up with tears of gratitude. Thank you Barbara. xx


Mum of 2

About me..

I am an Intuitive Guide and I mentor women to adore the fact that they create their reality.

I do this for women who are answering the calling in their Soul for a powerful life change.

These women want feel like they are living a life they love and are contributing powerfully to all parts of their life (parenting, work/business & community).

By working with me you’ll be excited and fully supported as you make small yet amazingly powerful changes to your vibration, mindset and thoughts to invite in more success, fun and connection (for yourself and your families).

Everything I share I have learnt and applied to my life. Motherhood was the dark night of the Soul for me, I love my kids dearly, however the transition was hard and I didn’t have the support like this. Through applying and tweaking all I have learnt I have transformed how I feel as a Mum and also how I parent, all for the better.

This event is not counselling or group therapy, nor is it to replace professional medical advice. My role is that of Intuitive Guide and I shall guide, mentor and support you on your journey of self-discovery, to complement your parenting.

What day & time is the program on?

The program is delivered on Sunday evening, for a very good reason. When you start your week full of confidence and courage you are setting your week up powerfully, for you and your family. It’s also easier for Mum’s to get off the bedtime routines on Sundays’

Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane – 8pm / Adelaide – 7:30pm / Perth – 6pm / Dublin & London – 11am

How is the program delivered?

The program is delivered LIVE each week at the same time.  We will meet in a private Zoom meeting room online. Zoom is a free platform to use, you will receive a link to set up an account for free. You can access it from your phone or laptop and it’s super easy to use.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Absolutely, I know all too well what it’s like to manage a family budget.

You can choose between a weekly payment plan option  ($49 a week) or a 3 x monthly installments (3 x $130)

To find out more visit Weekly Payment Plan or Monthly Payment Plan

I am not sure I can afford it

I remember all too well how hard it is initially to justify spending money on yourself, where there is so much demand on the family budget.

The beauty of this program is that it is an investment that will ripple out long past the 8 weeks, with transformation built into the curriculum. It will support you, your kids, your wider family and in fact raise the vibration of your life.

So if you’re not experiencing a life you love and want to know why I can help you discover why and the best bit is we can transform it for something better.

I offer payment plans to suit your budget.

To find out more visit Weekly Payment Plan or Monthly Payment Plan

This sounds a bit 'woo woo' for me

Don’t worry it’s not full of jargon, my expertise is bringing the ‘woo woo’ into your everyday life in a real and practical way, to your car conversations on the way home and around your dinner table.

Energetic science is not new, it’s just as powerful as the law of gravity. The beauty is that science and the Laws of the Universe now complement eachother.

The biggest piece to get your head around is the word vibe, or vibration, which is your inner feeling state. The better this is the better your world on the outside is and I’ll show you how.


Will there be another round after this?

Yes, there will be another round in June. Be sure to follow me on Facebook to keep track of updates. 

What type of person is this designed for?

This is designed for women who have frequently wondered if “this is all there is” and feeling totally frustrated at the realities of mothering.

Are sick of the parenting techniques that get results for about 10 days but never actually last and instead want something that gets real results.

Want to look back on their parenting and life and have ‘no regrets’, knowing they gave it everything and lived an authentic life.

Have a sense of curiosity and love being part of groups of passionate women on the same journey.

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