Hig Vibe Mama

Online & In-Person Experiences

Fun, engaging and non-judgmental experiences to empower you as you parent and nurture your sometimes sensitive (and strong-willed) child.

Helping you understand why parenting techniques that seem to work for other children, don’t work for your child (in fact they seem to make it worse!) Join me and discover how to create a personalised parenting approach, perfect for your family with practical and energetic tools that get results.

Online – 4 x 1 Hour Weekly Sessions – Via Zoom (free video app)

In-Person – Brookvale, Northern Beaches Sydney

This is not how you imagined parenting...

You give so much of yourself to parenting and you are trying your hardest, yet for some reason the techniques you are using seem to get the opposite results that you’d planned.

You are trying to empower your child to be able to regulate their emotions, feel confident and for you both to have a strong bond, yet somehow there you can be clashing more, as they dig in their heels in and won’t budge for your requests (how is it kids can be SO stubborn?

It’s also heart-breaking when you see your child so overcome with sadness or upset, over something they have seen or an experience with friends, and you just want to know what you can do in that moment to help them feel both safe and capable of these emotions.

And then there are the days of exhaustion and overwhelm, the constant juggle between activities, work/business can life can be exhausting for you both. There are of course days where you find yourself shouting and even occasionally losing it (when all you want is for them to listen) and this wasn’t part of your parenting plan.

I get it, I was there. It feels yuk!

It doesn’t help when you feel like other Mums appear to have it all together. Or their kids don’t seem so overcome with such strong emotions.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way and I’ll share simple tweaks that have been tried and tested on real children (both my own and many more!!)

Make these changes now to ensure you have a deep and trusting relationship with your child as they enter their tween years.

Suitable for parents with children ages 3-10.

It was so hard seeing my daughter crippled with shyness at school, and being left out of friendship groups. With Barbara’s insights we found tools to help her become more confident and I knew exactly what to say and when to help her.
Mum of Shy 6 Year Old Girl

Would you like life with your children to be calmer, more enjoyable where you feel deeply connected to your child?

Come join me in the High Vibe Mama experience and I’ll share how you can:

✔️ Understand why your kids are wired to resist being bossed around and told what to do and find a way to invite co-operation instead of forcing things.

✔️ Quit repeating yourself a zillion times to being heard by your kids

✔️ Discover how to ride the wave of emotional outbursts & tantrums with ease instead of turning into the ‘Demon parent’ you never wanted to be

✔️ Transform resistance and defiance (shouting, refusing to do as you ask and stomping) into co-operation and connection

✔️ Discover the power of your energy in attracting more of what you want (and not what you don’t!)

✔️Can feel confident that you are parenting your child in a way that empowers them and see your kids transform right before your very eyes

This is not your typical parenting program, l won’t be telling you what you ‘should’ be doing (isn’t that your Mother-in-law’s job? ), we go far beyond the simple “how to” strategies of parenting and really looks at the energy that you’re bringing to your role as a parent.

I am also super excited to integrate the format of Mum’s coming together in Circle for High Vibe Mama. For when we connect with like-minded, non-judgemental Mum’s, who are travelling the same path with their kids we can find solutions and connections quicker and faster.

You can choose the online program, we meet live for 1 hour a week for 4 weeks (choice of Weds evening or Friday lunch-time) or in-person for 4 hours in Sydney Nov 11th)

Before High Vibe Mama my son and I used to clash all the time, it was like everytime I said ‘black’ he would choose ‘white’ and it even felt like he did it on purpose just to rile me up. I was exhausted by the time he (eventually went to sleep). Now I have discovered fun parenting tools that actually have us both laughing more than shouting and for that I am very grateful. I feel so much more capable (and heard!)
Mum of Stubborn 6 Year old boy

I left the event feeling like I had a deeper understanding of my child and knew exactly what I could do to help him
Mum of Sensitive 8 Year Old Boy

Sydney LIVE event Location

The Zen Collective, Brookvale, Sydney Northern Beaches

About me..

About Me:
💖I am an Intuitive Guide & Mentor and I specialise in supporting Mums to empower their kids to have self-trust, resilience and healthy relationships.

💖I have also been a Youth Mentor for a number of years

💖I have supported over 250 Mums to uncover the truth about why their children are behaving certain ways in my Intuitive Sessions and events

💖My intuitive abilities works similar to an x-ray sees bones, I can see and sense under-lying emotions which are often the root cause of unbalance

💖My passion is to teach these abilities, to ability to quickly self-detect when something isn’t right, to all Mums to they can then teach this ability to their children

This event is not counselling or group therapy, nor is it to replace professional medical advice. My role is that of Intuitive Guide and I shall guide, mentor and support you on your journey of self-discovery, to complement your parenting.

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