Circle of Friends

School Holidays Event – Girls Age 11-13

Fun & Engaging Experience exclusively for a small group of girls age 11-13  to empower them to have more self-trust, confidence and resilience in friendships, both online and in real life.

Brookvale, Sydney Northern Beaches

Thurs 24th Jan








Empowering Girls to trust themselves

🤗Empowering Girls to have self-trust will ensure they feel comfortable with the choices they make and in friendships and the online space they will have many choices to make

🤗When girls have a strong sense of belonging, within positive friendships, they flourish.

It is an invitation for your daughter to join me and a small group of girls her age as we journey through fun & engaging activities to help her learn to trust herself more.

We are adapting the ancient wisdom, where girls and women sitting in Circle together to share, inspire and guide each-other on the journey from girl to young woman, to suite the modern day challenges.

Activities will include:

🙏How to become your own best friend – including how positive self-talk, acknowledging your strengths through journaling and (beginners) meditation

🙏Self-reflection tools and techniques to know when you are making the right choice or if you are simply following the crowd (e.g. online and at parties)

🙏Healthy friendships – Knowing what is a good friendship and the warning signs of when not to trust someone

🙏Empowered Choices – what are they and how to make them and how to recognise and trust your intuition

Investment $48 for 3 Hour Experience – Bring your BFF for FREE

About me..

About Me:
💖I am an Intuitive Guide & Mentor and I specialise in supporting Mums to empower their kids to have self-trust, resilience and healthy relationships.
💖I have also been a Youth Mentor for a number of years
💖I work with a charity who supports teenagers to embrace positive mental health and have a passion for this area
💖I use my intuitive abilities to feel into the head and heart energies of children so they can know immediately what the underlying emotion and contributing situations are
💖My passion is to teach these abilities, to ability to quickly self-detect when something isn’t right, to all young girls

Circle of Friends is designed to be a co-created space, with me as the Guide, and with each girl contributing her knowledge, respect and curiosity. It is facilitated to enable peer-to-peer guidance and support.

My role is to hold space for your daughter’s journey of self-discovery. The focus of this event is to support her to build her resilience and self-trust:

💖I will guide her to find clarity, support her on her path of self-discovery and mentor her to take action
💖I honour her as the expert in relation to her purpose, desires, and physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being
💖I will help her to find the tools and practices that are right for her
💖I will support your daughter to recognise the intuitive guidance she is already receiving in her life

Young Girls are struggling

Being a 12/13 year old girl right now is challenging, there is so much pressure to understand ‘Who am I? And ‘Where do I belong?’

The online and social media world can often aggravate our sense of self-identity as girls are invited to follow the masses.

So many girls are finding this life stage hard to navigate

😔Year 7 is one of the biggest transitions a girl can experience from primary to high school
😔Girls have been found to be more vulnerable at this age than boys with respect to changes in their friendship groups and risk significant decreases in self-esteem, as it coincides with puberty.
😔Having strong socio-emotional well-being is an important influence on successful transition, both for academic and social settings.
😔1 in 3 girls aged 12 & 13 often have low self-esteem and high levels of anxiety

The Zen Collective, Brookvale, Sydney Northern Beaches

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