Services I offer to empower Mums...

Private Sessions & Coaching

My sessions are unique as they each comprise of some intuitive channelling where I use my Psychic skills to download clear and accurate answers for you, your family and your children.

I want to reduce reliance on Psychics, as everyone is intuitive and has the ability to get answers themselves. My sessions will also include some intuitive coaching.

Each session is conducted via Zoom video conferencing, saving you travel time and all sessions can be recorded.

Iff you would prefer to chat first, to see if we’re a good match, I offer a 15 minute chat for FREE, book that in here.

I have witnessed and experienced [Barbara’s] wonderful gifts of cutting through the ‘mind clutter’ to find inner peace and getting in contact with your heart.

Barbara gently, compassionately and very rationally helped me find ways to let go of what was holding me back and de-clutter my mind. Her enthusiasm and energy to make a difference, with no self-agenda is truly unique and inspiring. Thank you Barbara!
Susie O'Reilly

Mum of 3

Joyful Mums 4 Hour Mini-Retreat!

Joyful Mums is a fun and intimate live event, just for Mums, where I share all the tools I use in life.

It’s so important that Mums take the time to nurture themselves and nurture their energy.

I truly believe that our kids mimic how we feel on the inside so it’s important that Mums flourish.

At Joyfull Mums I guide each Mum on a gentle journey…

  • Trusting her intuition
  • Discovering meditation
  • Choosing powerful language and
  • Using gratitude to lift the energy and joy in her life

Everything we do is easy to bring home and share with the whole family.

The next date for the Sydney event will be launched soon x

Check out recent feedback from the last event….

Free Stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

I remember when I discovered this world of intuition and Spiritual stuff I was intrigued and would soak of information.

Grab my 4 Steps to Strengthen Your Intuition as a Mum here.

Or Enrol in my FREE course – Ignite Your Intuition in 5 Days here

Free course just for Mums to

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