Oh the dreaded Santa photo! For highly sensitive kids it can be nightmare ordeal for them and Mum

I am sharing guidance to support 1 in 4 young kids who are in fact highly intuitively and empathetic. Meaning they can sense people’s unspoken emotions and inner feelings. Maybe you are not aware that your child could have this gift, consider it’s not accident that you’re reading this and read on…

When they are refusing the Santa photo pause and consider these two things:

What your child sees v’s what they sense: On the outside they see a man dressed as Santa looking jovial surrounded by elves. However, as empaths they sense inner emotions which are often stress and worry (eh who wouldn’t be with this job?). When they are off-duty they can have a sad life with their own emotional worries and anxieties in life (which your child can sense).

Your inner worry as Mum is very important to consider. Why is this Santa photo so important to you? Yes, it’s so cute to have. If you don’t get it, does it mean you are a bad Mum or that your child will have bad (or no) memories of Christmas. Remember it is simply a photo. Pause and have that self-awareness for yourself, and remember your child is very gifted at reading inner emotions. If you have a sense of anxiety around how this photo will go, they will sense that.

Tips for a successful Santa photo?

Explain that this Santa is not the real Santa, but Santa’s Helper.

Santa is crazy busy in the North Pole right now working with all the elves getting everything ready. He has asked some friends to dress up as him to help him make children happy. Each night these helpers give feedback around your Christmas wish directly to Santa (kind of like Elf on the Shelf!)

Then give your child a sense of choice.

Find out where there are 3 different Santas near you and bring your child. Initially you both simply observe the Santas in action. Do not put any pressure on your child. After you have watched them all, gently ask them to choose which one they’d prefer to have their photo with.  Then ask if they would prefer to sit with Santa or stand nearby, respect their choice.  Do this without being attached to the outcome and listen to your child. You may get a photo this year, you may not, it’s a journey. However, hopefully you should notice a huge shift in their energy.

P.S. I help Mums recognise that their child’s intuitive ability as an amazing life skill and guide you how to empower your child through it. These kids often aren’t aware that their parents don’t sense as much as they do (they think it’s normal!).



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