Intuitive Mentor

My role is to guide you as you remember you are a Soul having a human experience.

You are not

“too much”,

nor are you

“too sensitive”


You are an

in fact an


I guide you to live life from this truth. As we remove layers of fear and stories of not being good enough, all absorbed from others around you will uncover the REAL you, the powerful and joyful you.

As you do this, your Soul purpose reveals itself with ease. 

Most popular service

Intuitive Mentoring Session

Barbara is one of the most sacred space holders I have ever met. She has a keen ability to see you exactly as you are, your special abilities, your talents, your skills, your perceived pain and every part of your beauty.

The words are difficult to find when it comes to describing Barbara as she has that certain kind of special magic about her that is hard to find a human word to match.

If your thinking about working with Barbara you will not regret it, she will wildly open your heart to an expansive array of possibility’s that you never knew would even be possible!

Crystal Wish

It begins with understanding that everything is energy.

How we think ultimately creates how we feel. How we feel is how we vibrate.

Our vibrations are energy in motion (e-motion) which attract other vibrations like themselves and this is how we create our own reality.

If you want your life to change, we start by changing your energy. 

Join me as we dive deep into your Soul Contract, including Past Lives, to remove any deep subconscious fears limiting your fullest expression of your truth in this lifetime. 

Investment $197 for 90 Mins

Sessions available virtually (Tuesdays, Fridays or Saturdays) 


In Person – SYDNEY – Tuesdays

The Oasis, 20 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100

Barbara is pure joy personified and an intuitive powerhouse. Her style is magnetic and personable and completely effortless.

Her passion for this work radiates through her nurturing nature and she trusts completely in herself as the guide as well as her connection with the Divine. 

Barbara is an absolute beacon of light and is born to do this work.

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

I wanted to thank you again for my sessions – they came at exactly the right time and were what my mind, body and spirit required. They have been key in allowing me to resolve things to a point that I am moving beyond my fear and resistance and inaction


invite only

Intuitive Mentoring 3 & 6 month mentoring journeys

I work with a select number of women on invitation only 3 and 6 month mentoring journeys. We start with the intuitive evaluation to remove your primary fear and then continue on the journey with the support, tools and motivation to ensure this and many other changes are positive and lasting. It’s super important we vibe together, if you are curious about this please reach out for a free chat. 

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