Human Design

A blueprint of the life your Soul intended for you to have

It’s so easy for us to forget that we are Souls having a Human Experience. That we consciously chose this lifetime, including the families and cultures, we are born into. 

We chose to incarnate to bring through our unique Soul Gifts and also to expand personally and collectively (as a human race) by experiencing growth, struggle, and pain. This life we chose actually comes with a map, or an algorithm per se, one which links us back to our purpose and passion. Like all good maps and GPS systems, we can choose to follow it or ignore it. However, when we follow it we tune into the Laws of the Universe, such as Law of Attraction, with ease as we are true to our Soul. 

Human Design is layered with deep esoteric wisdom such as Astrology, Chinese i-ching, Hindu Chakras, Kaballah Tree of Life and even Quantum Physics. Each of these modalities are powerful in their own right, however, when you merge them and align with them they turbocharge your life.  It is based on the concept that the time, date and place of birth were chosen by your Soul and these give us access to who you are. Human Design is also fluid and allows and expects us to take detours in life, and these are also written as possibilities in your chart. 

The even better news is that this information has been made available for FREE. You can receive your chart and information about the different layers in it. 

This is my Human Design Chart, a look deep into my Soul. It’s quite common to look at your chart and ask yourself ‘WTF is that?’ as it’s visually bombarding, remember I said it had over 6 different modalities in one? That’s why it looks so bizarre. 

I have spent time indulging the student and learner in my to understand the wisdom in this chart. I am a Projector (energy type), I, therefore, live my life playing and waiting for invitations (I didn’t always and it’s why I burnt out!). I am a 4/6 profile and as I am in 44th lap around the sun (in this lifetime) I am stepping into my wise woman mentoring phase of my life. The i-ching elements of my chart shows the alchemist in me, where I can transform pain and struggle into gold (why I love mentoring). My open energy centres (chakras) explain my deeply sensitive and intuitive abilities. This is just a snippet. Knowing this has given me deep self-acceptance and permission to walk away from a way of doing business, life and relationships that weren’t aligned with my authentic self. 

Barbara is one of the most sacred space holders I have ever met. She has a keen ability to see you exactly as you are, your special abilities, your talents, your skills, your perceived pain and every part of your beauty.

The words are difficult to find when it comes to describing Barbara as she has that certain kind of special magic about her that is hard to find a human word to match.

If your thinking about working with Barbara you will not regret it, she will wildly open your heart to an expansive array of possibility’s that you never knew would even be possible!

Crystal Wish

Enter your details here to receive your own personal Human Design Profile within 48 hours. 

Barbara is pure joy personified and an intuitive powerhouse. Her style is magnetic and personable and completely effortless.

Her passion for this work radiates through her nurturing nature and she trusts completely in herself as the guide as well as her connection with the Divine. 

Barbara is an absolute beacon of light and is born to do this work.

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

invite only

Intuitive Mentoring 4 & 6 month mentoring journeys

I work with a select number of women on invitation only 4 and 6 month mentoring journeys. This is for women who are deeply committed to fulfilling the life their Soul chose them to have. We uncover your Soul Gifts and what you came here to contribute, remove what lurks in your blind-spots preventing you from fulfilling these gifts and embody a life of authenticity, joy and integrity. A life of no regrets. It’s not for the fainthearted as it’s so worth it. To go this deep together it is super important we vibe together, if you are curious about this please reach out for an obligation free chat. 

I wanted to thank you again for my sessions – they came at exactly the right time and were what my mind, body and spirit required. They have been key in allowing me to resolve things to a point that I am moving beyond my fear and resistance and inaction


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