Human Design

A blueprint of the life your Soul intended for you to have

You are so special and unique, it’s worth shouting from the rooftops. Yet we live in a world that values ‘sameness’ and it’s easy to forget how amazing we are. Knowing and living in alignment with your Human Design can be so fun, liberating and expansive. 

Human Design gives you a clear map of how you can thrive by using your energy and gifts efficiently, effectively and with loads of fun. Embodying it guides you to know your personal truth and guide you in sharing your gifts and passions from this soul activated frequency.  It answers to the question of ‘Who am I?’ and ‘How can I thrive in this human experience?’ 

I am currently using western sidereal astrology to calculate your Human Design, this is different to 90% of other Human Design specialists. When I use this I get a clearer insight of where the planets and i-ching gates were on the day you were born which significantly influence layers of your design. You will feel the truth of whether this interpretation fits you, you have full sovereignty over what you do with the information.  I’ll also calculate your traditional Human Design using tropical astrology. 

When I first discovered Human Design almost 4 years ago I ignored it as I found it too complicated to understand and apply. So when the Universe kept bringing me back to it I was determined to find a way to share the wisdom of Human Design in an easy to understand way. So I have created free personalised Human Design insights, the ones I wish I had received when I first came across it. After you receive these gifts I can share ways to support you to embody the generous gifts of activating your Soul’s work in small group programs or private sessions, if you feel the call to do so. 

Enter our birth details below and request these insights into how magnificent you really are. You will receive this in less than a week, often much sooner. 


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