You live and breathe your purpose.

You envision it as a reality and won’t stop till it’s achieved.

Yet one of the only things preventing your mission from becoming a reality is funding.

I can help.

I am passionate about collective thriving and use my experience and innate skills to aid you to secure funding effectively and efficiently via grants. 

I have supported epic charities and for-purpose organisations for over 12 years and I love what I do. 


Some organisations I have supported

There is an art to effective grant writing. It’s not just the words (and making them fit the blasted word count!). It’s a way to express the power of your purpose and how your organisation, or program, is an effective way to achieve this. 

It’s engaging with and respecting the vision of the funder, not just copying and pasting grant applications across. 

So many organisations are unsuccessful in their applications as they focus on the wrong message and apply last minute to grants in an attempt that they might be successful. This is a waste of resources you probably don’t have. 

Successful grant writing begins with your Grants Strategy, matching your mission to suitable funders. It’s not about applying for every grant that may possibly fit, this is diluting your impact and wasting your resources. 

Spending time ensuring your program is ready for funding, with a clear message across all of your grant applications can save you time and also improve your effectiveness. More funding for less costs, a significant step closer to your purpose. 

Barbara has been a critical support and extension of the batyr team. Prompt with communication, incredibly reliable and the quality of her work is a very high standard. Couldn’t recommend her more highly. Just don’t take up all of her time…. we still need her!

Nic Brown

CEO, batyr

Barb worked tirelessly to uncover new funding opportunities and sources whilst with Raise. She was a key contributor to growing our revenue four-fold.  She was responsible for Raise receiving one of the highest rankings for a NFP with a major philanthropic partner. This is a testament to the effort she put into developing a sophisticated and streamlined approach to grant writing.

Alison Hall

Strategic Projects Director, Raise

I earned my stripes in grant writing whilst with Raise Foundation, then an emerging charity and now a key player in delivering exceptional youth mentoring programs across Australia. 

I believe some of the most effective consultants are those who have made big mistakes and achieved huge wins. I am motivated to focus on how we can improve your grant applications to aid you secure more funds. With these funds you can achieve your purpose.

My writing style is infused with authentic emotions, backed up with evidence to persuade the funder to support you. 

I am particularly interested in working with for-purpose organisations in the mental health, aged care, environmental and indigenous sectors, as these align with my personal values and strengths (all laid out in my Human Design profile). 

To explore ways I can support you advance your mission, book in for a free consult or give me a call to discuss how. 

I am based in Sydney Australia, however I work with organisations across Australia. 


“Barbara has this amazing ability to interpret exactly what I want to express into language and style that resonates.

I want ‘The Culture Equation’ to stand out from the crowd, both for our uniqueness and expertise and she captures this vibe perfectly throughout this project.

She also listens and guides me on the whole copy journey, which I appreciated and I would highly recommend her services”

Hiam Sakakini, Founder & CEO

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