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Infusing your words with energy and authenticity to attract the right clients and partners to you. Passionate about supporting charities, for-purpose causes and socially conscious businesses.

I’m as surprised as you are that I do freelance writing

I’m sure my english teacher would be too!

God bless her, she was a great lady yet she measured everyone’s ability to speak and write by whether or not they could write like Shakespeare, and that’s not me. It took me years to realise I have an innate talent for writing, especially for translating your services and story into language infused with your vibe and authenticity, to connect on the human to human level.  

My freelance writing services have grown by invitation. I have the pleasure of securing funding via grants for an amazing charity, Raise Foundation, for 4 years part-time. I love it. We empower young Australians struggling in school and life to grow in confidence and resilience through mentoring. You should check them out here.

Then I started to receive invitations to write grants and websites for social enterprises and socially conscious businesses. I am a projector in Human Design and ‘being invited’ for us is liking getting the green light from the Universe and I never say no to the Universe, so here I am.

I have uber strong intuition, I use it in my writing to ensure we accurately portray the truth of what you want expressed.

Time is precious for you and for me, so I work with a select number of new clients and it’s important we vibe before we can get great results together.


Satisfied Clients in 3 months

Cups of Coffee

Barbara has this amazing ability to interpret exactly what I want to express into language and style that resonates.

I want ‘The Culture Equation’ to stand out from the crowd, both for our uniqueness and expertise and she captures this vibe perfectly throughout this project.

She also listens and guides me on the whole copy journey, which I appreciated and I would highly recommend her services

Hiam Sakakini, Founder & CEO

My Areas of Expertise

  • Copy Writing
  • Grant Writing

I can help you craft words for website copy, collateral and grant writing for social enterprises and charities. 

All of the grant writing I do, is highly confidential, as I am sure you will appreciate. Anything I write for you will also be confidential.

However you can view an example of my copy at ‘The Culture Equation’. 

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