I have seen a lot of Psychics in my time and Barbara is very gifted. She has a very open heart and her ability to channel useful information from my spirit guides is amazing. In my numerous readings with Barbara her accuracy as to what has been happening in my life is spot on and the guidance I have received from her as to my next steps has been invaluable in terms of career, love and finances. She is wonderful.


I cannot Thank You enough Barbara, for settling my confusion and my mind chatter with your reading for me. Shortly after you started channeling. I felt a calmness come over me. Your accuracy in the words you spoke was absolutely incredible. I was able to maintain patience and allow all that was to happen fall into place over the preceding months.


There is no denying Barbara’s wonderful gift, but it’s how she interprets her gift as well as her down to Earth, very relaxed and approachable manner that makes her one of a kind. Her passion for helping others fulfil their purpose is obvious. Not only have I witnessed this directly in her workshop as well as a private reading, but also through her help and support in guiding me to the tools and resources I need to nurture and embrace my own intuitive and energetic strengths. I am happy to recommend her.


Thank you for my amazing reading. You hit the nail on the head within seconds and you were so on point and accurate about so much we discussed. What a gift you had and you lifted my spirit so high. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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