Here are 3 easy tweaks to your parenting to empower your sensitive child.

1 – Be aware of how many times you say their name in quick succession


This can so easily happen and instead consider actually verbalising properly what you’re trying to say.


This jumped out at me yesterday in my own parenting, when my daughter (age 6) was learning to ride her bike on the road instead of on a bike path or a footpath. I was behind her and saw she was  getting too close to the middle of the road. Even though it was quite safe road, I was still fearful for her and without thinking said “Erin. Erin. Erin!” in quick succession. This didn’t help her confidence at all and instead she went into meltdown. She wobbled off her bike and then immediately she said to me, “Why do you say my name so often that way?”. It really made me reaslise how it can affect them and have the opposite effect of what we intend.


I have invested a lot in changing how I speak and behave around my kids, yet this still happened. Everyday as a parent we are learning new ways of being.  If you notice how many times you actually say their name, either in quick succession, or in a heightened tone,  whether that was a situation like our bike ride where I was fearful for her, or whether it’s something that as Mums we feel that they’re going to that they shouldn’t be doing or will put them at risk.


Noticing it is key and instead choosing to explain to them why you are concerned, which in my situation should have been, ‘Erin, you are getting close to the middle of the road, move to the left a little!’ and we may have had a different outcome.


2 – Go to your child instead of calling at them


I don’t know a Mum who doesn’t get frustrated when they hear their kid in the other room going, “Mummy. Mummy. Mummy!,” on repeat, it’s like nails on a chalkboard.  So, if this is something that bugs you, pause and actually consider, well what do you do? Do you stand in the kitchen or in their bedroom and do you call their name on repeat?


Try and make a habit of walking over to your child to speak to them, or ask for their help, you will get a better response.Obviously, there’ll be times where you need to call them to you. However if you try and get the balance so it’s at least 75% of the time you are going over and walking to them, and actually talking and explaining what it is that you want because then you’ll actually find that when you do call them, they will respond a lot faster (and with less drama!). Winning all around.


3 – Notice how often you (over)use the phrases ‘Be careful’; ‘Stop that’ or ‘That’s dangerous!’


We all have the innate (and often untapped) power to manifest and attract situations to us. This applies to our parenting too. So if you are constantly afraid that your child’s going to get in danger or fall and hurt themselves, guess what? Your child’s going to fall and hurt themselves. The Universe responds to how we feel and our sensitive kids can feel our feelings really powerfully.


So try and avoid overuse of “Be careful” or “You might fall/hurt yourself” or” That’s dangerous”, and instead take the extra 5 seconds to explain why they need to be cautious or what may happen like “Did you know that wall is quite high? You could be fine or you might fall. It is up to you!’


So many of our children who are sensitive or who get overwhelmed easily are in fact in tune with our energy and our emotions, our vibration, not just our words. This is a powerful gift when it’s tuned into and your child is empowered with it, this is what I do with my Intuitive Sessions to Empower Mum & Child.


If you do just one of these tweaks, then you’re winning, and you’ll notice a change in your child.


I hope that these help and make life a little bit easier.


Thank you,


Barbara Brangan - Intuitive Coach for Mums

Barbara Brangan - Intuitive Coach for Mums

Barbara is passionate about supporting Mums to empower their sensitive children, who often get easily overwhelmed by their emotions. She shares how often these kids are in fact highly sensitive to emotions and are quite intuitive. Barbara is Irish and lives in Sydney. She supports clients all around the world, as all sessions are delivered online. She is obsessed with raising the vibration of the planet, one family at a time.


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