TEMPER TANTRUMS galore and me FEELING LIKE I WAS A ‘BAD MUM’ FOR SHOUTING so much at my gorgeous little girls. It was groundhog day, yet we just kept ending back up in the same space. But WHY?

I stepped back to analyse what was the common thread for these battles and realised it was MY ENERGY…oh that hurt!

I discovered I was either bringing worry about what had happened and trying to figure out how on earth I’d find the time to complete all of my to-do’s or I anxious about what I had on later that day.

It wasn’t my 3 year-old’s fault, she was just the unlucky one there when it all got too much ;-( She was also the super-intuitive one, able to read my energy with complete accuracy!

I knew something had to give and I was the one that had to change. I am a Psychic so I turned to my Spiritual Guides for help and heard loud and clear:


Up until that point I would have regarded myself as pretty chilled and laid back so I was surprised. However, I honoured the guidance and started a journey of digging deep and wow it has been amazing.

I have learnt how to:

  • DISCONNECT FROM ENERGY/PEOPLE THAT DRAIN ME – It’s a little known fact that often other people can drain your energy, leaving you with an almost empty battery. I used meditation protect my energy field and it was a HUGE help
  • CONNECT WITH NATURE – Whilst some people drained me, I discovered that time on my own (I’m often a social extrovert) was just what my body and Spirit needed. So now sunrise walks are part of my weekly self-care, just me and my dog and I love it
  • TIME OUT FOR MUM – yep, this has been a fun one! When I’m in these situations with the kids and I can see I am being triggered I give myself a time out to gather myself and reboot. This can be a toilet break with locked door so no kids can come in, or I even use the digital babysitter (Netflix) to buy me some time. Then I start again.

I have always known that our KIDS ARE EXTREMELY INTUITIVE AROUND ENERGY AND EMOTIONS, however seeing it in action with my own kids was an eye-opener. I know there are millions of others kids with these intuitive abilities, currently soaking up the worry and anxiety of their Mums. That’s why I founded Mindful Mums, an initiative to support Mums to ditch overwhelm and find their bliss point – for the benefit of them and their kids.

If you’re interested in chatting to see if my programs can support you, reach out for a FREE & CONFIDENTAL CHAT here or sms/call me on + 61 (0)468518449

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