Your child’s Soul picked you to be their Mother before they were born. I swear it’s true.

Before we chose this particular life (we have had many!) we get to hang out in a blissful zen like holding room in the Universe and pick our families and lessons for this life…

Yep! Love ‘em, or hate ‘em, you picked your family!

The bit I love the most though is that our children had this bird’s eye view of the Universe and could have picked pretty much any Mum absolutely anywhere and guess what…

They picked you! They could have picked anyone!

I often talk to my girls about this. In two ways…

Firstly I share this story and remind them that I think it’s pretty cool that they picked me and I am the luckiest Mum in the whole wide world!!  They often look at me funny and think I’m weird, but secretly they like it 😉

And the flip side is….

When I’m the nastiest Mum in the whole wide world….like when I refuse their ice-cream requests just before bed or for when I’m insisting they tidy their room….I remind them nicely that they picked me and knew what they were getting so tough luck!

Funny though, I seem to find this part funnier than them 😉

When we’re born we choose to forget! So don’t be surprised if you ask your kids if they remember picking you and they look at you like you’ve lost your marbles 😉

However to help you (and them!) remember here is a quick and fun game to play with the kids

Tell your child that you want to play a staring match with them…

The rules are simple!

The person who stares into the other person’s eyes for the longest without blinking WINS!! Every kid loves this game. Whilst they’re staring at you and simply being determined to beat you…

You simply look into their eyes and just acknowledge to yourself that they chose you!

Their love is overflowing! In fact it’s endless! (Cue Goosebumps!)

You are partners in this life, connected eternally with LOVE!!

So quit stressing over the small stuff (like tidy bedrooms!) and thank them for picking you!

Repeat these steps for as long as the staring competition lasts.

I often get teary doing this. It really grounds me and humbles me

I hope it brings you great joy too 😉

Much love


P.S. Intuition can be a powerful parenting tool, when used right. I am passionate about Mums trusting their intuition more and I created this free resource just for Mum’s. 

Barbara Brangan - Intuitive Coach for Mums

Barbara Brangan - Intuitive Coach for Mums

Barbara is passionate about supporting Mums to recognise that children are often highly intuitive and sensitive to invisible energy and emotions. She has learnt this through supporting over 300+ Mums at events and in private intuitive sessions and also from the front-line of parenting as she has 2 young daughters, who are both sensitive and intuitive.

Barbara is Irish and lives in Sydney. She supports clients all around the world, as all sessions are delivered online.

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