I get it, being a Mum is tough at times. There are constant decisions to make and you always have to weigh up the good and the bad for each choice, it can get draining and stressful.

The good news is that I have 3 awesome tips to help you ditch the stressful part and help you enjoy some seamless decision making:

Remember that your Kids picked you!

Yep, your kids had the choice of picking ANY parent in the whole wide universe before they were born and they picked YOU!! Crazy eh? This current life is just one of our many lifetimes (often we’ve been with our families in multiple lives) and in between our lives our Soul gets to re-boot and then consciously pick our next life, location and lessons we want to learn.

The fact that your kids picked you should help you realise that you can’t mess up. They knew exactly what they were getting in for, they knew all your flaws plus your amazingness too! So quit giving so much weight and worry to the small stuff and remember that they picked YOU!!

I often get to laugh about this with my kids. I frequently thank them for picking me (and their Dad). I say how cool it is and how special it makes me feel. Likewise when they’re shouting at me for being the ‘meanest Mum in the world’ because I won’t let them watch the iPad past bedtime I remind them that they picked me, so tough!

Recognise, you’re not the only one!

All too often society, social media and family can make us feel the need to be perfect. To make the right decisions all the time, have the perfect clean house, organic food and grade A kids. That’s not always possible. The more you push yourself to be perfect, the more you stress yourself out.

Do an audit of the things you love about your life and celebrate them. Look at the stuff you hate (for me it’s cleaning) and figure out ways to get help in the family or outsource it.

Problem shared is a problem halved. Go first, be vulnerable.

Ask for help

You tell your kids to ask for help all the time.

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