Ignite Your Intuition

Free 5 Day Course – Just for Mums


Sharing how to use your Intuition as a parenting superpower.

Intuition is an easy tool to help you make quicker & more accurate decisions as a Mum.

At the end of this course you’ll trust (and know for sure) that you’re making the right choices for your kids around their health, education or friendships etc.

This short course is perfect for you if you’re a Mum who…

  • Is constantly wondering if you’re making the right choices for your kids


  • Gets more confused and unsure when other people contribute their well-meaning but differing opinions around your parenting choices


  • Loses a silly amount of time online searching for answers to validate your thinking


  • Would love to know FOR SURE that you’re making the best possible choice (and one that won’t mess your kids up for life!)
  • Would appreciate some practical and honest guidance that has your best interests (and your kids) at heart


  • Is pressed for time and needs less things on her to-do list, not more


  • Is curious about her intuition but isn’t sure how to use it when it comes to parenting decisions

Easy to do

I know you’re a busy Mum so this is designed to be easy with just one short video every 3 days.

Often delivered when the kids are in bed (hopefully asleep!)

Doing this course and implementing what you learn will save you time as a Mum as you’ll make quicker and more accurate parenting decisions.

Real & Authentic

Designed by a Mum for Mums

I share how to use intuition in REAL life and take the ‘woo-woo’ out of all things intuition and show you how to use it to make parenting easier.

My style is authentic and take BS approach, infused with loads of Irish humour!

You HAVE amazing intuition

Everyone is intuitive, your intuition is probably lying dormant inside of you.

I’ll show you in very easy steps how to activate it and have fun using it.

It’s a skill you will keep for life!

What you’ll learn…

So what exactly is Intuition?
Discover what your Intuition really is, plus what it isn’t!

Find how why it’s a super parenting tool, when used it can help you make faster & more accurate decisions.

Learn how it’s the voice of your Soul and always guiding you in the right direction.

Get to hear your Intuition loud and clear through a simple activity, it’s pretty cool.

Discover how do YOU hear your Intuition?
We each receive and hear our intuitive guidance through one of our 5 senses.

Discover through a fun exercise whether yours is predominantly

  • Seeing;
  • Feeling; or
  • Knowing
The most crucial step in activating your Intuition
One of the shortest videos yet one of the most powerful lessons.

Discover one of the most powerful ‘Laws of the Universe’ governing Intuition and how you can activate it to work for you.

It’s quick and easy to do.

Proof the Universe has your back
Say bye-bye to doubt today.

Learn how the Universe can show you in clear and tangible ways that it’s ‘has your back’.

Understand how signs from above can actually appear in your social feeds and on car reg plates (plus the usual white feathers etc!)

Intuition & Your Kids - Your Parenting Superpower
Learn about how your kids have a super powerful intuition and they are nudging you to use yours.

Discover simple and easy ways to use your intuition to help you as you make decisions around your child’s:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Friendships

And much more.

What Other Mums Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me – as quite frankly I’m obsessed about intuition! –  let other Mums like you share their story!

“I am a logical person and I used to ignore my gut in favour of facts, figures and anything tangible. Thanks to Barbara’s guidance and the tools she taught me I now listen to and trust my Intuition more.

As a result I have made significant changes in my life. In 2016 I made the leap from Corporate to being self-employed (and I’m loving it!) and this allows me loads more family time and flexibility.

My young daughter often has to see many Specialists & Doctors for her care, and the information overload, whilst well-intended, can be overwhelming to parents. I am now confident in trusting my Intuition and my own judgement when we are choosing care and options for her. It feels great.”


Mum of 2 Kids - 1 Teen & 1 Toddler

There is no denying Barbara’s wonderful gift, but it’s how she interprets her gift as well as her down to Earth, very relaxed and approachable manner that makes her one of a kind.

Her passion for helping others fulfil their purpose is obvious. Not only have I witnessed this directly in her workshops as well as a private reading, she has truly supported me to nurture and embrace my own intuitive and energetic strengths. I followed my intuition and now have my own part-time business (Chakra Bath Salts) and I love I trusting my own judgement much more.

Kelly G

Mum of 2 Young Kids

I have witnessed and experienced [Barbara’s] wonderful gifts of cutting through the ‘mind clutter’ to find inner peace and getting in contact with your heart.

Barbara gently, compassionately and very rationally helped me find ways to let go of what was holding me back and de-clutter my mind. Her enthusiasm and energy to make a difference, with no self-agenda is truly unique and inspiring. Thank you Barbara!
Susie O'Reilly

Mum of 3

Who are you learning from?

Barbara Brangan - Intuitive Coach for Conscious Mums

Barbara Brangan - Intuitive Coach for Conscious Mums

5 years ago Barbara stepped out of the Psychic closet and since then she has given Psychic guidance on national TV and she has had the pleasure of supporting almost 300 Mums through her private sessions and workshops.

It breaks her heart to see Mums give away their intuitive power, often to Psychics & Healers, when in fact they have super accurate intuition themselves. So she is on a mission to support Mums ignite this intuitive superpower they have. It is super easy to do and Barbara uses her wit and Irish humour to make it fun too!

Barbara has two young daughters herself and sees how her kids, and more than likely yours too if you’re reading this, have amazing intuitive abilities and are nudging their Mums to start remembering this skill they have.

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